80% Millinials want to Buy Homes! Here is 110,900 reasons not to pay rent anymore!

Wed, Jun 7th 2017 9:00 am by Reggie Walters buying and selling in Charleston SC

NAR Builders May 2017 share this study and this opportunity for 1st Time Home Buyers or Investors to get in to this beautiful 2 Bedroom townhome in West Ashley for $110,900, loaded with amenities! 

More than two-thirds of Americans believe that owning a home is an essential part of the American dream, according to a new survey released by the National Association of Home Builders of more than 11,300 registered voters.

Read more: The Economy's Thorn: Low Ownership Rates

“Americans continue to place a high priority on homeownership and work hard to achieve this goal for their families,” says NAHB Chairman Granger MacDonald.

Other ...

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Owning A Home Can Pay Off At Tax Time

Wed, May 24th 2017 11:30 am by Reggie Walters home ownership in the Charleston area

One thing that is sure everybody must do in our country, no matter who you are or owning a home at tax timewhat you do, you must pay your taxes. Taxes related to home ownership can help in lowering your tax bill, that is if you know what to do. You may want to ask how, relax as I show you how.

Mortgage interest deduction

One of the smartest decision itemizing homeowners can take advantage of is mortgage interest deduction which could be claimed on a schedule A form. Your mortgage must be secured by your home (which may be a trailer, boat or a house in as much you can sleep in it, cook in it and it has a toilet) to get this mortgage interest deduction. Interest itemizing homeowners pay on their mortgage of up to $1m...

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5 Trendy NoMo Restaurants

Tue, May 16th 2017 10:30 am by Reggie Walters buying and selling in Charleston SC

Charleston area restaurantsNoMo is located in the East Central of the upper peninsula of Charleston. It gets its name from being located on the north end of the peninsula on Morrison Drive. The city is still in a growing stage, so also are the possibilities and the opportunities. The newly constructed student housing on Morrison Drive, called 930 NoMo makes the name really stick. There are some eateries or restaurants that have made their names in the area long before NoMo start trending such as Tattooed Moose and Santi's but other eateries have arrived setting new standards for everybody to follow.

The following are 5 restaurants carving out a reputation for their selves and making the neighborhood a name for itsel...

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What Makes A Property Increase In Value?

Tue, May 9th 2017 9:49 am by Reggie Walters selling a home in the Charleston area

A home is a form of real estate that appreciates steadily on a yearly basis at 3 to 4 percent. The rate of appreciation has been linked to population and the inflation in the country.

The research was carried out to know what really makes the value of a property to appreciate and the features the buyers are willing to pay more for in the market. Series of researches were carried out and millions of listing were analyzed to know and calculate the annual price growth range of the homes with particular features. The following points are some conclusions drawn from the research.

Small homes

Small homes are homes smaller than 1,200 square feet and they were discovered to have small house in Charleston SCappreciated by an av...

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The 4 Bathroom Fads That Turn Buyers Off

Sat, Apr 29th 2017 2:15 pm by Reggie Walters selling a home in the Charleston area

In real estate, anything can be a deal breaker or maker. For some, it is the kitchen, while others it is the bathroom. Here, we will be looking how some bathroom trends can break an otherwise good deal. These fads are what may put some buyers off.

All white bathrooms
Gone are the days when all white bathrooms were in vogue. These days having an allBathroom designs white bathroom is no longer appealing, not because the white color is no longer good but because they are tough to keep and remain clean and white. Tiles and flooring made of white get stained too easily and a little mark on it can prove stubborn to remove. As far as I am concerned this trend is reaching its end. It no longer catches people's fan...

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Selling A Small Home? Try These 3 Tips

Fri, Apr 28th 2017 1:48 pm by Reggie Walters buying and selling in Charleston SC

Dollar SignsSome call it a smaller-than-average property but I don't agree. What matters are the features it has to offer the buyer. Selling a home can be exhaustive and difficult if not planned very well. Selling a small home can be more difficult than selling a big one. If you are selling a small home there are some tips you could apply specifically designed for smaller spaces. You have to find out the advantages the house has over others so it stands out in your marketing.

Home staging tricks
Home staging could be described as the act of making a residence look more appealing to potential buyers so it can sell  quicker and for more money. Putting away items you don't use regularly in the house in a ...

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The Charleston Area Is Growing - Are You Ready?

Thu, Apr 6th 2017 3:10 pm by Reggie Walters buying and selling in Charleston SC

There's a lot of buzz going around about how much and how fast Charleston and the surrounding area are growing. It is true that we are growing at a rapid rate. The question is, however, are you ready?

There are a lot of numbers floating around about the number of people moving to the Tri-County area, which includes Charleston, Dorchester and Berkeley counties. Some will tell you 42 or 45 people per day are moving to our beautiful area.

According to the Charleston Regional Development Alliance, that number is actually 34 people a day. Some of the other numbers are probably based on the average number of daily births in the area, which is 11, plus the 34 that are actually moving here.


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James Island - A Hidden Lowcountry Gem

Tue, Mar 28th 2017 2:30 pm by Reggie Walters buying and selling in Charleston SC

Have you considered James Island, Charleston, SC to be the location of your next home? It truly is a hidden Lowcountry gem.

The Town of James Island is a beautiful, unique island in South Carolina with a lot of history and wonderful future. Near the calm waters of the Charleston Harbor and the scenic Stono and Folly Rivers, James Island boasts breathtaking marsh views and plenty of majestic Oaks. Once an area for farming, James Island is now primarily a residential community that has somehow managed to protect that small-town, rural feel its residents and visitors know and enjoy.

Here are some interesting statistics on the current status of the housing market in James Island.

Median Sales ...

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Staging Tips To Help Sell Your Home

Wed, Mar 22nd 2017 10:15 am by Reggie Walters buying and selling in Charleston SC

Below is a helpful video that gives some great tips and tricks for staging your home.

My name is Reggie Walters of Dunes Properties of Charleston South Carolina, Realtors. I specialize in helping you buy and sell homes and invest in Mt Pleasant South Carolina real estate.

Please Contact Reggie today to live in our beautiful Charleston Coastal Community.

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Spring Is In The Air, Is This A Good Time To Buy?

Fri, Mar 17th 2017 4:39 pm by Reggie Walters buying and selling in Charleston SC

723 Bounty Square Drive
Charleston, SC

MLS# 1207636 - Residential Sold

Welcome to Beresford Hall... A beautiful, gated community on the banks of Beresford Creek. Just two miles from Daniel Island and ten miles from Downtown Charleston, the neighborhood has miles of walking trails, a neighborhood deep water boat dock and ramp, crabbing dock, infinity swimming pool, and many more amenities that make this a special place to live.   With only 200 home sites available within 700 acres, Beresford Hall's mission is to provide a spectacular community while preserving the natural and unspoiled beauty of this historic property. So.. escape to an enchanting lifestyle... Live the Low Country,...

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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Home

Thu, Mar 16th 2017 12:05 pm by Reggie Walters buying and selling in Charleston SC

If you are considering buying a home in the Charleston, SC area and you are a first-time buyer you may find that the process can be somewhat daunting. We have put together a list of the 5 mistakes to avoid when buying a home that will help make your buying process less daunting. Of course this is not an exhaustive list but avoiding the following pitfalls will certainly make your life easier during your search for that perfect home.

Rushing Into The Deal

Agreeing to too high a price on a home can be one of the more costly mistakes you could make. Overestimating your knowledge of the real estate market is a related mistake. If you make an offer on the first house you fall in love with, yo...

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Buying or Selling a Home In Charleston SC?

Fri, Mar 3rd 2017 2:15 pm by Reggie Walters buying and selling in Charleston SC

The real estate market in Charleston and the surrounding area is heating up! This market is seeing its best sales in a decade. Here is a recent article from the Charleston Trident Association of Realtors®.

January Home Sales Exceed 1k For The First Time in A Decade

CHARLESTON, SC—(February 10, 2017) According to preliminary data released today by the Charleston Trident Association of Realtors® (CTAR) 1,029 homes sold in January in the region at a median price of $238,900. Last January, 972 homes sold at a median price of $218,020.  This marks the twelfth consecutive month that sales in the region have surpassed 1,000 homes and the first time in a decade that January sales have exceeded th...

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Charleston home affordability ranked #7 with $240k avg price

Fri, Mar 3rd 2017 10:51 am by Reggie Walters Condominium For Sale Charleston SC

There’s good reason Charleston, SC is consistently named a top city to live in the U.S. by the readers of Travel + Leisure and CondéNast Traveler — not only is the city charming and clean, but it also boasts a fantastic culinary scene, proximity to the ocean, and a rich history and culture. But beyond the beauty of Charleston are the practical reasons to move here. Organizations that have a global impact such as Boeing and Volvo have chosen to park their business in our backyard, and in doing so, have helped bolster employment opportunities and spurred our local economy. Plus, the area is high on the housing affordability index. Charleston has already surpassed all of 2015 in total units ...

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Kitchen Dilemma, Is Granite Going Out Of Style?

Thu, Mar 2nd 2017 4:30 pm by Reggie Walters Condominium For Sale Charleston SC

Granite CountertopsFor 30 years Granite has reigned on kitchen counter tops. Always special to select your "one of a kind" slab but the top contender today is Engineered quartz which is tougher than granite and is non porous so it does not have to be sealed like natural stone. Quartz is highly resistant to staining, cracking, scratching and heat which puts it on homeowners opting for more understated alternatives.

Custom crafted wood butcher block adds warmth and balance to a modern style kitchen. But wood does require maintenance and monthly sealing however, it is much easier to refinish if their is damage.   Soapstone is another nonporous natural quarried stone that does not require regular sealing like ...

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Low Home Supply expected in 2017 in Charleston SC

Fri, Feb 10th 2017 5:00 pm by Reggie Walters Condominium For Sale Charleston SC

Condo for sale in Charleston SC

Some Homeowners don't understand the value hiring a professional Realtor. Consider what your agent brings to the closing table :

  • Marketing, signs, advertising support, and professional photography
  • The time and “hassle factor” savings of not having to be present for showings, manage calls, host an open house, set up legal representation for paperwork, and conduct the negotiations
  • The legal protection that comes with working with a licensed real estate agent
  • The professional market knowledge that can help you wisely price the house
  • Negotiating expertise that allows your agent to extract the best terms and price from the buyer
  • A wider pool of potential buyers that comes with listin...
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Reggie's Picks on ways to spend a Southern Sunday in Mt Pleasant, SC

Mon, Jan 30th 2017 8:29 pm by Reggie Walters Condominium For Sale Charleston SC

Reggie's picks to a Southern Sunday, start with all signs pointing to fun, southern food, sweet tea and quick views of my favorite homes for sale in Mt Pleasant, SC.

It's January 2017 and it's suppose to be the average temperature of 35degrees, but not today, it's a sweet 70 degrees with a smell of crisp salt air as I make my way over the Ravenel Bridge to magnificent Mt Pleasant. A fun day of exploration begins at the foot of the bridge to take a sneak peek at the luxury high rise Renaissance condominiums for sale. I'm sweet on this pick because it is luxury to the hilt. A walk into the grand foyer mirrors a hotel lobby. Take an elevator to the  penthouse level the greets me with a spre...

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Why Hire a Realtor

Sun, Jan 22nd 2017 12:04 pm by Reggie Walters Real Estate Profession

Ever drive by and see an owner post a sign in their yard  "For Sale By Owner"?

The big question is, will the Seller be ready for all the steps it takes to get the house ready for sale and have a real market value to match the asking price? Maybe it"s too high or maybe it's too low?  

Hiring a Realtor is key and here is why. A Realtor abides by a Code of Ethics and is the promise as a Professional to perform and act with integrity. The Code protects the buying and selling public and promotes a competitive real estate market. As a Seller, wouldn't you want a real Pro performing for you?

Hiring an advocate that starts with a market analysis provides the seller a clear picture of what buye...

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Wisdom & Mortgage Rates by Lucy Mortgage, Mt Pleasant SC

Sun, Jan 22nd 2017 12:00 pm by Reggie Walters Mortgage

Trigger Leads: Don't Be Exploited by the Credit Bureaus

Certain mortgage companies will pay top dollar to know exactly who is in the market for new financing. What's more, the major credit agencies not only allow files to be flagged whenever someone applies for a home loan, they actually sell this private information as leads to the highest bidders!
For a price tag of $25 to $100, names, addresses, phone numbers, mortgage histories, and even FICO score ranges are sold by the credit bureaus to mortgage companies, which then blindly solicit business.
Unfortunately, no legislation exists to prevent credit companies from profiting from this practice. As trigger leads, consumers are s...

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Condo-close and go lifestyle

Sun, Jan 15th 2017 7:30 pm by Reggie Walters Condominium For Sale Charleston SC

Condominium living has great benifit to any lifestyle. If you are a primary or second home buyer, most people love to travel or live in Charleston for half the year and spend winters elsewhere or abroad. I personally have lived the close up the shutters, lock the door and leave for extended periods of time without worry as the HOA lends comfort of mowing my lawn, cleaning my pool and keeping a presence on property. I have lived in various parts of Charleston, SC which gives me a unique perspective on my favorite places to live, work and play. 

This leads me to finding the best bang for the buck yet offers superior location, archetecurally pleasing and amenities that can be enjoyed withou...

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West Ashley Gem

Wed, Jan 11th 2017 6:00 pm by Reggie Walters Condominium For Sale Charleston SC

Carolina 2 bdrm townhomeIt's difficult to find little hidden gems that are a big bang for your buck. Well, I live, love and commute 12 minutes to downtown Charleston from this townhome community in West Ashley, SC.  West Ashley is slated for big growth in the next two years and while real estate can be had for reasonable prices now, it will not be long when everyone catches on and prices will begin to rise.  I found this little gem of a 2 bedroom townhome in a quiet , well groomed neighborhood that includes a pool and gym for the mid $120,000's.  Considering average home prices are in the $350k range, this could be the perfect home for you!

If you are in the market to own your own home and stop paying the high ...

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